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Explorations Deep Into Consciousness

Launched in London in 2012, Gateways Of The Mind has become one of the most important events for lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences and other methods of consciousness exploration. Hosting a weekend of presentations, interviews, panel debates, practical sessions, meditational soundscapes, art and workshops with leading experts in consciousness exploration who speak about their work, their spiritual journey and give incredible insights into their practices plus sound advice for your own.

Independently founded and run, Gateways Of The Mind London doubled in size from 2012 to 2013. Gateways also takes place annually in Dublin.

Each year Gateways attracts visitors from across the globe to attend the 2-day conference and post-conference workshops. 


The Journey Of Consciousness

As part of an ever-evolving story of consciousness Gateways Of The Mind – London will take the attendee this year on a shamanic journey deep into consciousness using the wheel of life as our guide.

The Unsolved Problem Of Consciousness

One of the greatest stumbling blocks for neuroscience is the question of consciousness. We know the mechanism of the way stimuli from the outside world passes through the neural tissue to the brain, but we don't know how this gives rise to a subjective view of the world. In the West two major philosophical schools currently attempt to explain brain function and tackle the nature of consciousness. There are of course many associated positions but to keep it simple we will stay with this major grouping.

A Multidimensional Approach To Dreams

Most Western approaches to dreams are constrained within a psychological paradigm – they are viewed as psychological responses, the processing of the mind. Dreams, in themselves, are seen as ''unreal'' – a subjectively distorted version of ''reality''. Jung's invaluable contribution to our understanding of dreams and the transpersonal field was his recognition of the presence of and inner archetypal realm in dreams, beyond the personal and emanating from a universal consciousness. We owe a great debt to Jung in widening the horizon of our dream world.

How To Remember Your Dreams

See All The Photos From Gateways London '13

If you attended the phenomenal Gateways London '13 at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill or just want to see what an awesome weekend you missed, you can check out all the photos here.


Gateways Past Speakers


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