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The Journey Of Consciousness

As part of an ever-evolving story of consciousness Gateways Of The Mind – London will take the attendee this year on a shamanic journey deep into consciousness using the wheel of life as our guide.
GOTM is a unique event in the spiritual space as not only is it very interactive but also because of the way the weekend is programmed – all attendees will be taken on a spiritual voyage by the various teachers, musicians and artists we have gathered together, a voyage that will be held in a shamanic setting and which will enable both healing and learning to be brought forth.
The weekend is divided into 2 very distinctive parts. The Saturday will begin our journey with living and dreaming consciously and the Sunday will complete the cycle back to consciousness through investigating death and dying.
Davina MacKail – a Shamanic Seer trained in the Peruvian Qu’ero tradition as well as traditions from Ireland, North America & Brazil will open the event calling in the four directions and creating the space for the journey to begin.
From there she will set the scene with her brand new talk – “Why the Exploration of Consciousness is so vital to our species survival – it’s time to wake-up, and see the plan of the plants for the planet”
Davina is the Author of the Dream Whisperer and is a regular teacher of shamanic workshops all over the word.
From there host for the day and Tibetan Buddhist lucid dreamer – Charlie Morley will present the first of three ‘Tales from the Frontier’ where he will outline how one of his own lucid dream experiences has helped him to become more mindful in his daily life and help him with his own dream practice.
Sufi Master and transpersonal psychotherapist Nigel Hamilton will then lead us deep into the dream world of the Sufi tradition before lunch.
The afternoon session starts with a deep meditative sound journey to calm the mind and allow some sound healing to take place before prolific OBE explorer and Founder of Conscious Explorers – Caz Coronel brings us another ‘Tale from the Frontier’ this time on using OBE’s to overcome fear in the waking state.
The 1st half of our journey is completed by Shamanic practitioner and Founder of Movement Medicine – Ya’Acov Darling Khan. Ya’Acov will demonstrate the importance of being grounded in our spiritual practice and how the use of movement can benefit us in this way. He will then hold the energy and intention with us overnight and help incubate dreams for all the attendees at the event.
As an additional add-on workshop he will also lead a special evening event afterwards that will further take people into that space. Details on that can be found at
The Sunday part of the journey will then take us to a place that most of us are afraid to even talk about or acknowledge – death and the afterlife.
In the West these are very taboo topics and as such we want to demonstrate to people not only is there nothing to be afraid of in dying but also our fear of it is in no small part what drives us as a race to pursue happiness through false ideals such as consumerism and capitalism.
Dr’s Penny Sartori & Peter Fenwick – 2 of the worlds leading authorities on near-death-experiences will show us how their research has helped throw new light on the phenomena of NDE’s and what this information might mean for us and our understanding of what happens to us when we die.
Head of the International Academy of Consciousness, UK and Out of Body Explorer – Analaura Trivellato will complete the trio of Frontier tales by showing us how understanding the nature of death can help us to live a better life
Dogon Priest & Spiritual Activist– Naba Shenmira Iritah will then take the concept of dying to a new level and show how Kemetic traditions dating back thousands of years to the time of the Pharaohs and beyond can prepare us for the afterlife.
After lunch Bwiti initiate, musician and artist  - Ben Taylor will bring the sounds & energy of Bwiti and the Iboga plant from Gabon into our journey and set the scene for the final instalment of the weekends immersion.
Completing the circle for us all will be Biologist & Author Rupert Sheldrake as he demonstrates how his ideas of collective memory and morphic resonance combine with rituals and the need to connect with our ancestors in order to complete our journey from one life to the next and what we can learn in that process.
The entire weekend will be very interactive with the presenters taking the whole audience through collective group exercises to demonstrate their own knowledge, and how we too can use those techniques to enhance our own spiritual paths and lead us ever deeper into the mysteries of our own individual stories and paths through lives and consciousness.
Much more than a conference or an event – Gateways Of The Mind is both an inspirational learning & healing journey which by the end will leave the attendee in a place of deep wonderment and better equipped to deal with everyday life and how to navigate our dreams and desires.
 Gateways Of The Mind – London 2014 will take place at The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, on the 8th & 9th November. 

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