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Gateways Ireland '15

Reconnecting To Your True Self Through The Dream Of The Land

A Magical Weekend Journey Of Self-Empowerment & Reconnection To Nature

9th & 10th May
Dunderry Park, County Meath

In these rapidly changing times of environmental destruction, corrupt governments & widespread warfare its easy to feel disconnected and helpless. The Great News is that many people are now 'waking up' and taking action to bring this beautiful planet and all life back into balance and reconnect with the dream of the land.

Gateways Of The Mind - Ireland will focus this year on the importance of re-connecting to our true self, stepping into our own power and personal truths and in doing so help change the world on the micro or individual level which in turn will begin to effect the macro or collective level. 

This year’s event has an amazing line-up of powerful shamans, healers and teachers - each of whom will bring their own wisdom to bear on this important topic in an insightful, profound and also fun way.  

If you feel the call of these times and wish to explore the many ways you can awaken to your true self and your true nature then join us for this Magical Weekend Journey through Ireland & its spiritual history. Take part in a variety of exercises to reconnect fully to the land, the trees, the plants, our ancestors and our dreams.  In a supportive environment, with like-minded, awakened people, we can begin to forge a path back to wholeness.

Through changing our own dreams so we can also change the dream of this land.

Gateways of the Mind - Ireland will take place at the beautiful and special - Dunderry Park - on May 9th and 10th and all attendees can expect to receive a weekend of great teachings, powerful exercises and tools for everyday use, fun and laughter, inspiring art, music and more…


Susan Raven
Elementalist, Researcher, Author
Communicating and Co-creating with the Elemental Kingdom
Practical session:
Opening The Senses to Nature Spirits
Tigrilla Gardenia
Music Of The Plants Researcher
Communicate With Your Land & Reconnect To The Global Tree Network
Practical session:
Out On The Land
Caroline McCready
Lucid Dreaming & Meditation Teacher, Author
Interacting with the Larger Awareness that Underlies Dreams
Practical session:
Dream Incubation, Dream Re-entry & Guided Meditation
Carole Guyett
Medical Herbalist, Plant Spirit Healer, Author
Native Plant Diets
Trish Cameron
Medicine Woman, Native Storyteller
Reclaiming The Pathways Of The Dream
Practical session:
Meditative Journey Through Story & Music
John Cantwell
Healer & Native Shaman
The Well That Never Runs Dry: Irish Adventures In The Ground Of Recovery & Belonging
Martin Duffy miahip,miacp,eap
Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Shamanism Ireland
Celtic Shamanism In A Modern World
Practical session:
A shamanic drum journey.

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