Gateways - London 2013

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Gateways - London 2013

Gateways Of The Mind - London

9th & 10th November
The Tabernacle, Notting Hill

An Immersive Exploration Of Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Dreaming & Out-Of-Body Experiences.

Gateways Of The Mind took place in London on the 9th & 10th November this year with some of the world's finest lucid dream, OBE and shamanic dream teachers for teachings, discussions, meditations, interactive workshops, music and art.

Each of the presenters took the attendees on a journey into their respective areas of specialisation through practical sessions. The Gateways Visionary Art Gallery also added to the immersive experience with some of the UK's finest astral and dream artists displaying their work.


William Buhlman
Author of Adventures Beyond the Body & The Secret of the Soul, Leading Expert On Out-Of-Body Experiences
How Out-Of-Body Experiences Can Improve Your Life
Practical session:
Live guided OBE method
Stanley Krippner Ph.D
Humanistic Psychologist
Shamanic Dreamwork Around The World
Practical session:
Attendees should bring a short dream with them to be used to call upon their 'inner shaman' to provide insight into their ongoing life issues.
Michael Winn
Taoist Master
Lucid Dream Qigong & Taoist Alchemy: Science of Shaping the Dreamed Self
Dr Clare Johnson
Author of Dreamrunner and Breathing in Colour
Lucid Dreaming as a Creative Tool
Practical session:
Guided Lucid Writing
Charlie Morley
Gateways Host
Death & Dreaming
Tim Freke
Philosopher & author of The Mystery Experience
Lucid Living
Martin Duffy
Shamanism Ireland
Shamanism, Druidry and the Celtic Tradition: Dream Practices Of The British Isles & Ireland
Practical session:
A shamanic drum journey into the magical enchanted realms of the otherworld of our ancestors.
Luigi Sciambarella
Advisory Board Member & UK Outreach Facilitator, The Monroe Institute
The Exploration Of Altered States & Belief Systems - Getting To The Next Level
Practical session:
Collective audio-guided journey.

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