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Gateways London '14

Gateways Of The Mind London '14 

8th & 9th November - The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, W11 2AY

Explorations Deep Into Consciousness

Gateways Of The Mind returns to London on the 8th & 9th November for another transformational weekend of presentations, practical sessions, panel debates, meditational soundscapes, art and workshops.
A gateway of the mind is a methodology to enable us to understand our deeper self, the cosmos and the nature of reality. There are many gateways of the mind, including lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, shamanic practices, meditation, dance to name a few. The by-products of these practices include physical and emotional well-being, healing, mind-training, consciousness expansion and wisdom. The aim of these practices are viewed similarly across many ancient traditions – the integration of our 'ultimate self' with our physical self in order to transcend the cycle of birth, death, afterlife and re-birth. 
Gateways London '14 will present experts, authors and practitioners who will elucidate on each part of the wheel of life and outline the importance of lucidity throughout. From one of the most ancient surviving civilisations on the planet, the Dogons, to the wisdom tradition of the Sufis and to the research by some of our most progressive Western minds. 
As we strive to understand and explain our very essence it is important to maintain an open and expansive approach to our personal evolution. What can we learn from our ancestors and their experiences and how do we combine that with our own in today’s digital driven world? 
Combining sacred and ancient knowledge with cutting edge ideas Gateways Of The Mind attempts to connect the dots and provide inspiration for us all on our personal journey. 

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Davina MacKail
Author of The Dream Whisperer, Shamanic Seer, Coach & Healer
Why the Exploration of Consciousness is so vital to our species survival – it’s time to wake-up, and see the plan of the plants for the planet
Dr Rupert Sheldrake
Biologist, Researcher, Author
Morphic Resonance, Memory, Ancestors & Rituals. The Possibilities Of The Afterlife
Charlie Morley
Gateways Compere and UKs Leading Lucid Dream Teacher
Gateways Compere + Practical Sessions
Dr Peter Fenwick
Neuropsychiatrist, Lecturer, Chairman of Science & Medical Network
The Contribution That Near Death & End Of Life Experiences Can Make To Our Understanding Of Consciousness.
Practical session:
The Blissful Mind Meditation
Dr Penny Sartori
Near-Death-Experience Researcher, Author
Is Prospective Research of NDEs Leading to a New Understanding of Consciousness?
Dr Nigel Hamilton
UK Representative for the Sufi Order
Awakening Through Dreams - A Sufi Perspective
Practical session:
Exploring The Dream Through The Body
Ya’Acov Darling Khan
Founder of the School of Movement Medicine
A Matter of Spirit
Practical session:
Shamanic Movement Meditation
Naba Shenmira Iritah
Dogon Priest, Healer & Spiritual Activist from the Gulmu region of Meritah
Kemetic Mysteries of Death and Afterlife Unveiled

Gateways Shorts: Tales From The Frontier

Introducing at this year's Gateways, tales of consciousness exploration experiences that have positively impacted the daily lives of these prolific lucid dreamers and out of body explorers. Draw inspiration and insight from the practices of our Gateways Shorts presenters.


Annalaura Trivellato, The International Academy of Consciousness 
''Understanding death to live a better life.''
One of the greatest questions that intrigue us all as human beings is to know and understand what waits for us after death. Science has its answers, spirituality its own.
The aim of this talk is to find a common ground where aspects of conventional science will be explored, as well as information from non-physical dimension explored through astral projection or Near Death-Like Experiences.
Life after death, reincarnation, multiple dimensions, life manifesting itself beyond the boundaries of the physical body and brain, holo-memory, desoma (deactivation of a vehicle of manifestation), resoma (rebirth) will be presented and explored in a direct and accessible way. 
Caz Coronel, DJ and group leader of Conscious Explorers 
''A journey through FEAR! From complete avoidance to showing it who’s boss!''
Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise! These are the options fear gives us when faced with them. Nothing controls our lives as much as fear. It sits at the door to every decision we make. It is also the number one reason why many people fail to have an OBE and more importantly fail to live their dreams. But fear not! There is a way through fear so you can make all your dreams come true!  
Caz will take you on a exploration to the edges of consciousness, allowing you to stare into the face of this most dreaded state of mind. Talking from personal experience she will share her own journey through an epic fear of public speaking to giving this talk. Caz will give you some invaluable tools to managing fear in any area of life using dreams, lucid dreams and OBEs. She will share with you the benefits and gifts that fear can bring allowing you to transmute this potentially paralysing state to liberating yourself to live the life you were born to live. 
Charlie Morley, UK's Leading Lucid Dream Teacher
The Power Of 24 Hour Awareness

Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep is a holistic approach to lucidity training that is not just about learning how to lucid dream; rather, it is about how to use all areas of falling asleep, dreaming and waking up for spiritual and psychological growth. Using this approach this talk will explore how to practice mindfulness mediation through every stage of the sleep and dream process and how these stages directly correspond to the death and dying process within Tibetan Buddhism.

By combining this approach with explorations on the nature of dreamlike reality we open ourselves up to the potential of 24 hour awareness. This has been a potential which yogis from all the spiritual traditions have upheld as attainable to all those who were willing. 


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