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Wisdom Hub Webinars are the online version of the Gateways Of The Mind events. We bring leading philosophers, lucid dreamers, astral explorers, authors and practitioners from the world of consciousness exploration right into your home! 

We started our webinars with a free talk with The Dream Warrior, Rory MacSweeney, also well known for his work on wakeupinyourdreams.com and The Mutual Dream Experiment. Rory took us through the nature of Energy using the ancient principles of Tai Chi, then explained how we can apply this understanding to our lucid dreams. You can watch our past webinars below.

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Exploring Energy & Reality with Dream Warrior, Rory MacSweeney


Our Multidimensional Selves

with OBE author and researcher Graham Nicholls & The Monroe Institute's Luigi Sciambarella.

Graham & Luigi discuss the importance of out-of-body experiences for the understanding of consciousness, plus the various states or planes that one can travel to in the out of body state.



To participate in Wisdom Hub Webinars all you need is the following:

  • Internet connection with a consistent 500kbs
  • An interest in expanding your mind to improve your life.
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Our webinars are powered by Webinarjam, which means it's a one link access, there's no software download needed and all attendees can re-view the recorded webinar again at their own leisure.
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